An adjustable contract, tailor-made covers :


When you intend to rent a boat, the deposit is often important,  protect yourself in case of damage.


When you have to cancel your holidays, it is already very difficult ; therefore lower your financial  risk.


In case of damage or accident, don‘t handle the unexpected  on your own

Sail away peacefully


The insurance excess repurchase:

You intend to rent a boat (sailing or motor yacht): the charter fleet or the private owner will ask you to leave a deposit as indicated on the charter contract. This deposit is a guarantee for the charter fleet in case of damage and is usually equal or higher than the boat excess.

The deposit covers the boat’s main insurance excess, the equipment loss or  theft and  damages to third parties. You can lower your risk by subscribing to the Ouest Assurances insurance excess repurchase.

Regardless where you come from, this insurance covers minor damages to the boat resulting from a collision with a body external to the boat, either fixed or moving, which affected the whole boat, which were written up in the logbook.

Insure yourself worldwide, for private charter use or regatta use.

Private charter use

*  +  5 € compulsory legal assistance by phone and 20 €  contractual charges

  Regatta use

*  + 5 € compulsory legal assistance by phone and 20 €  contractual charges

  The insurance excess repurchase can be subscribed till the departure day

Download the contract to subscribe by mail 


The worldwide cancellation, assistance and repatriation insurance :

When you sign up for a cruise taking place in several weeks, you don’t think of the unpredictable which can prevent you from going. Subscribe the cruise cancellation and avoid losing your charter fee in case you need to cancel. The assistance and repatriation cover helps implement all assistance justified by a medical problem happening to the insured party. With those 2 insurances, sign up for this cruise without stress!

  3 prices to cover Cruise cancellation and / or assistance

NEW : COVID – 19 and other epidemic or pandemic related illness cover*

*within the limits and according to the conditions set out in contract 602803. 

 The cancellation insurance must be subscribed within 14 days after the booking has been done, download the General conditions 602803

          Carefull, for insurances subscribed before the 30/10/2020 only condtions MA303954 apply.

Sail away peacefully

Download the contract to subscribe by mail

So as to help your comprehension of our insurance products please find here our “Insurance Product Information Documents (IPID)