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Pre-declaration of your sea damage through your Iphone, get advices and emergency phone numbers

Before leaving, download iPlaisance

Simplicity and accessibility :

Pre-declaration of your sea damage

Certified photos of damages and sea report, details of damage, clickable sketch.

Necessary phone numbers and advices

Emergency phone numbers, MRCC, asssitance 24/7

answers to frequent questions in case of sea damage, preventive measures and answers regarding insurances contracts.

The aim of this app is to make things easier during a quite often confusing sea event

Before sailing, download the Iplaisance app, enter your contract number. Iplaisance is full of useful numbers and tricks, of navigation advice. In case of damage, the aps will guide you in all necessary steps.

In case of damage, you can shoot the event

If necessary, you can get these photos certified. Then you can declare the damage

Enter your pre declaration.

Enter your pre declaration

Describe the nature of the event, indicate the event date as well as the damage details.

Select the impact points and estimate your damages

You can select the impact points by ticking on it. You can indicate a damage estimate and write all useful information.

You also get navigation advices

Preventive measures before sailing, mooring, launching.