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5 good reasons

5 good reasons for choosing Ouest Assurances Plaisance :

Located in Saint-Malo, Ouest Assurances is made up of  specialized and enthusiastic collaborators guaranteeing the handling in real time both for subscriptions and for damages.


Ouest Assurances is a leader concerning the risks linked to the yacht charter.


More than 30 years of experience :

i n the boating insurance, we have more than 30 years of experience.

No unpleasant surprise with our clear offer

Ouest Assurances est reconnue comme un partenaire clé tant par les compagnies spécialisées que par les assurés pour sa capacité à apporter un service sur mesure permettant de bénéficier des conditions les mieux adaptées aux besoins de chacun.

Only one representative

For our clients, insurance language is complicated, therefore, our job as broker consists to make words understandable. Do not forget that we represent the policyholders interest end not the company interest.
Your representative knows you and does not change, he shall stay with you, answer all questions, and evaluate your needs. We can also speak english when needed.

Free thinking

We work with independent surveyors who have the obligation to be impartial concerning damages and estimations. We defend your files with insurance companies