Boating insurance

We propose insurances for all types of boats such as motor yachts, semi-rigid boats, large dinghies, sailing yachts (monohulls and catamarans), old sailing ships, small barges and jet ski.

We will search for you the most suitable offer according to your needs

Ouest Assurances advantages

[icon name=icon_puzzle] Tailor-made insurance :

Your boat insurance becomes compulsory in most of the ports and marinas worldwide, especially because of legal liability (bodily injury and material damage that you could make to third parties. Therefore, it is important to subscribe at least to the minimum cover called     « civil liability. Ouest Assurances  offers you this minimum cover but also a full cover. Your flag and/or home port can be french or abroad, you may sail just in your area, in europe or worldwide if your boat is much bigger, just ask us a quote!

[icon name=icon_wallet] Competitive offer :

We have a partnership with 6 big boating insurance companies which allows us to compare their covers, prices  and propose you  the most suitable cover for you.

[icon name=icon_clock_alt] Handling in real time for damages :

In case of damage, it’s out of question to call a platform or an overtaxed number. You subscribed your contract with us and therefore we will remain your representative until you get your payment.

  • Our brokerage role helps you to avoid a long and uneasy contact with the big insurance companies.
  • Thanks to the experience we have with these big insurance companies, you will gain time: we will represent you to these companies.

Regular questions

Is my crew covered ?

Yes through the liability insurance

Can I lend my boat to someone ?

Yes, you can do that but for free only

I want to insure my boat at the minimum, what can you offer me?

We propose a liability insurance: this cover insures compensation for damages caused by accident to third parties, to passengers cruising onboard for free and to water skiers being towed by the insured boat when these damages are the responsibility one of the insured party and that the insured boat is involved in the realization of these damages.

How can I estimate the value of my boat?

You can find the quote in the magazine « L’Argus du Bateau »; you can also fin dit on the website « Annonces du bateau ». You will get a market tendency. Then you will have to ass any specific equipment you have on your boat. However, if you prefer to get a quote from a professional, it is possible; you need to ask a surveyor who will do a survey for you (boat check and estimate)

How much does a survey cost ?

The survey costs between 40 €  and 90 € per linear meter, depending on the area your boat is located..

Do I need a survey to subscribe a boating insurance?

In some cases, yes: if the boat has a certain age or if the boat value is high. A surveyors agency is recognized by most of the insurance companies :

What is the difference between the port of registry and the registration number?

The port of registry is the place where your boat is located or moored The registration number corresponds to the Maritime Quarter where your boat is registered

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